Somedays you just blast through endings

Yesterday was a shock for me.  I needed to finish a story for the Secrets anthology from my FB Authors Choice group and I was all worried I would not get it done by today.  I should not have been.  I finished up not one, not two but THREE!  That was a shock to me really.  Now I admit that two of the three were only 4 pages a piece but as writers of short stories know that at times writing those super short stories can be hard.  Getting them just right is the hard part.  I want the words to be just right, to have the images come across the way they need to and I think that yesterday was just a bit of a wave of right.

I finished up the secrets story, And Darkness Claims it all and that one turned out a bit vamperic which was not really the idea in the beginning.  Then I moved on to The Pest House, which is a Death Walks Through short that comes from a photo I found on the Nashua, NH FB group.  There are a ton of really amazing old photos of things from Nashua’s history on there and the idea of a Pest House or the earliest form of City hospital way back when hit me between the eyes.  Told from the point of view of a child I think it has a punch.

Finally another short short this time for my new Mythis of Love series.  This one is called Now and Forever and yes it was inspired by listening to a bunch of Richard Marx songs.  I put in bits as they hit me.  This is another dark tale without the HEA that is expected romance tales.  I hope I can pull out some happy endings soon.  Between this one and Blackbird I have two not so happy endings.

Now today I hope to work on and maybe finish Singer of the Blood song.  I have an idea where i want it to go but the problem is my mind keeps going to another tale i have started, Flame Haired Vixen.  A fun little bit that i hope to put in some shape changing foxes.  Yup foxes.  Yes I love foxes and I love kitsune and other faerie tale foxes.  There are times I think I should take down the free tale, A Bargain made with Fur and sell it but no i am going to keep it as a freebie.

Now the other tale i have open on my computer to look at and maybe work on is Down the Rabbit Hole.  It is a fun tale but I am not sure where it is going to go.  At the moment I have eight pages of what could be a lot longer tale.  I can hope it will turn into something good.  I plan on it being part of the Worlds Apart series.


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