Another new release!

Okay i know it seems like I say that a lot but things come out in batches.  The most recent anthology from one of my facebook groups is up and ready.  I submitted one of my Death Walks Through short stories to this one.  I don’t plan on releasing it separately so it is either get this wonderful collection or wait till I do the collection of the Death stories.

This book has stories, excerpts and drabbles from 11 different authors writing in different genres and styles.  We plan on a series of books like my other groups have done.  Oh my I just realized I am supposed to finish up that story all ready!  Ack! oh well just I wont be in the second book.


The story I put in this one is I Just Can’t Love You Anymore.   Inspired by one of the songs on my IPOD.  As I have said before music is a major inspiration for me.  I will hear a snatch of a song and come up with a story quickly.    Never mind I should be finishing up another story for the Secrets anthology.  I have been both too busy and too lazy this month!

Well time to dig into the tales I have stored.  There is a fun one that could be a vampire tale or maybe not.  Never know with the tales i write.  The tentative titles are And the Darkness Claims It All (for the secrets anthology), Now and Forever for my new Myths of Love series, Man’s Roads for a yet unnamed horror style series…so much work



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