being able to sell a book without being FAMOUS

No I don’t have a clue on ow to do it but I wish I did.  When watching the news in the morning how many books do you see being up there written by the common (as if ) writer?  Today on Good Morning America a famous sport caster was plugging his book.  Now while I am glad he is giving all the proceeds to charity and wrote about women with cancer it still bugs me.  There are so many authors who struggle to bring their work to the public and they are lucky to sell a handful of books.

As you readers know I have placed work in four different charity anthologies.  Each of them are for a fine purpose, each of them raises money that goes entirely to a charity yet we don’t get national coverage because we are just a part of the mass of independent authors and poets trying to make a difference.

But it isn’t the charity books that bug me the most.  When famous singers or actors and sport stars decide to write a book they get world wide marketing for FREE.  They either get a ghost writer or they do something that has all kinds of help for and they get the big bucks for it.  People buy their books because of their all ready existing fame.  Some of them got their fame for their hard work and some for just being in the whole reality tv thing.  It annoys me more than I can express.

I want to say here that I am more than happy that I have readers.  I might not sell more than a handful of copies per month but I have people who are willing to take a chance on an unknown.  Those are the people that I write for.  As I decided long ago not to jump on a bandwagon and write what is hot and popular I knew I would not sell a lot.  But i know my stories are from the heart, are developed and full and good.  Yeah they might need a professional editor someday but they are better than a lot of the star offerings out there.

This is a rant but that is what a blog is good for, a place to rant.  I know i usually give you all bits of my writing life, telling you what I am working on and that is what I will return to.  After all this is a place to work out my stories for you all to read.


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