Try to decide what to release

Four stories that are complete and I don’t know what to release.  Should I start up the new series?  Put up the next Death tale or something else?  Releasing something might trigger sales or might be ignored.  That is the problem with writing.  You never know when is the best time to release a tale and when isn’t.  I am thinking of releasing Black bird and Black Bridge.  Or if I can get a cover made up for my gremlin story that one…who know.

Trying to work out my cat fight.  Something I know that sine readers adore (for some reason) is fights between two women over a man.  In this case it could be very interesting since the other woman just wants the power she can taste inside Ohanko.  I did realize during my thought processing last night (okay when I was lying down to sleep) that I need to do a bit of filler.  This tale moved a bit too quickly into the confrontation for me so I need to do some back filling.  Not a lot, just to move it from one day to the next really.

While a lot of writers need to cut and cut and cut to get a story to size my problem is generally having to expand things.  This is true here.  I doubt I will finish this on my self imposed schedule but I will get what I can done this week.  After all if I put up Black bird this weekend it would be good to have the next tale for that series ready for September I think.

Now for something a bit different.  Usually I am all about what i am doing in my writing but I thought hey I should review other stuff here too right?  I mean i don’t just write.  I read other authors, I watch tv, listen to music and watch movies…lots of movies.  I find all of it a great source of inspiration.

Yesterday we sat down and watched the Lone Ranger.  Now I totally enjoyed this movie.  It had all the things i expected to see and Johnny Depp as an added bonus.  I expect it didn’t do as well as they hoped because well it was a western.  No matter what hollywood thinks westerns just aren’t doing all that well anymore.  The resurgence of shows that have a western flair is great on television channels where a million viewers is a coup but in the big market that is a drop in the bucket and well what could they do.  Like a lot of other films I have enjoyed this year it played to less in ticket sales than the big boys wanted.  There was so much classic Lone Ranger bits in this movie.  I think if it had been on TV it would have done great but it wasn’t what the summer movie audiences expect.  The explosions were not over taking the plot after all.

Not that I mind a good blow things up movie but when you look at what is hot this summer you can see it wasn’t going to do that well.  Heck from what I gather most of the big name actors who had films this summer have not done as well as things like the animated films are doing this summer.

I have been burying myself in way too many YA books this summer.  Not sure why I have decided to read them but a lot of them are pretty good.  Hush, Hush made me wish for the second book right away.  I liked the different take on angels in this one.  And I will admit to sitting down and just reading from book one to the last in a series.  The head and humidity has taken energy from me enough that I read and read and read till my ebook wouldn’t stay charged!  I am giving it a rest for the next few weeks and going back to my old favorite paperbacks and hardcovers that are sitting on my shelves.


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