finally a little peace and quiet

Yesterday I finally got some writing done again.  Hate to say it took having the hubby home sick and making the kid go out to play but it did.  Since he was down and needed rest I made sure the place was quiet.  Quiet from the kid and her friends of course.  And thanks to that I could sit at the computer and work on Bloodsong.  Thankfully!

It might not seem like I did a lot with only typing up about 1500 words but the story was a bit stuck and I worked past that.  Now I need a little revision and then onto the big cat fight!  This should be fun.  While I am not doing the typical romance style stories here they should still fit that category.  After all I have a pair of lovers, a woman who wants to get between them, danger and all that.  Twisting the usual paranormal, making the villain a type of vampire/demon and having the hero sweet.  It is developing nicely and that is all I can ask for right?

Still doing research for ghost stories and letting the four I have in the works perk.  Death Comes Softly is being tricky.  Having basically an angel come along and thinking she can take over the life direction of a character was not what I had planned.  Neither of the lovers in this sad tale are of the Christian mythos so this angel of life is way off base.  I am not sure if I should cut her or not.  See originally that character was just supposed to be a guardian of life.  A being making sure that Death did not take someone too soon.  Not that the Death I am writing would do that.  He is way too busy with trying to help ghosts move forward.  This time he is intrigued by the couple, one dead and one barely living.  I have dabbled with some of the other beliefs about death that I have come across in this tale.  I think I may have to rewrite just a bit before moving on with it.

In the second Death tale No More the Smiles I am dealing with a ghost that will not accept she is one and wants to cling to her lover.  Haven’t decided if she will cause her lover pain, disorientation or death…should be interesting.  Should I give it a happier ending or not?  Sometimes a touch of horror in these tales can be fun.

The third one If the Shadows Could Speak started out life as an urban fantasy.  A headstrong mage casting a spell working beyond his ability and creating something that is him and isn’t him, losing his body in the process.  But I realized as I was working on it that his feathered companion is just another face of Death…where to go with this I am not sure but I think that the two lovers might just not be living anymore.  I haven’t decided…fun fun fun

I know should be working on stuff like the third Loralil book or the second Chaos Wars or even Battle of the Star Beast or The Price of Freedom but they aren’t calling to me yet.  Never mind I need to finish Traveler and Whether to Save Face or Family.  So much work, so little time.  Here is hoping the next six months can be very productive and I can clear out some of my incomplete work before my next birthday.



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