Sharing fiction with your child

I usually go on about the writing process over here but today I thought I would just go on about my kid.  Okay I am a proud mom of three, you know that but I get to spend more time with my youngest thanks to my new life up here in Canada.  One of the fun things with any kid is getting them to read.  There is that age between second grade and high school where they want to DO STUFF and not sit around and read.  You all know it if you have been parents.  My older two had lots of other things they did like drama and chorus so getting them to read was not something we had a lot of time for.  But my youngest needed a boost and old comic books seemed to work.

At first I thought she was going to just be into reading things like Captain Underpants and Archie comics but when she had shredded through reading all of those and a number of her dad’s superman/hero books I was casting about trying to think what to have her read.  Then I hit on my hidden (mostly) stash.  Back in the 80s I was introduced to Elfquest and I thought why not try her on those.  Well let me tell you she went nuts for them.  She actually had to be made to put them down to go to school or bed even!  This was fantastic.

She has even gone to the next step and started drawing her own versions of these characters.  Now back in the 80s I was part of the early fan fiction clubs that wrote stories for Elfquest (no I didn’t put them up to be read! shudder) but I never got good at drawing them.  She is actually quite good at most of the figures.  Yes she is only ten and the faces need work but she is enjoying herself and who am I to argue?

This is a good sign for any parent.  To have a child decide that something you enjoyed when younger is worth their precious time who can argue?  I have tried with my older girls to intro them to things I love.  I know my middle daughter enjoyed watching Dresden Files and True Blood but I don’t know if she will ever read them .  She prefers stuff from the 19th century and I have no idea if my eldest likes to read more than the children’s books she reads to the kids she works with!

It is a sad thing to not know what you children like and don’t like but I think all parents end up in that mode.  I know my mom did.  Course right now I think it is funny that both my mom and my stepdad are becoming avid readers in their elder years.  Hearing that my brother is getting my mom a kindle so she can read all her romances and that my stepdad is plowing his way through cowboy novels actually makes me giggle.  Neither of them really understood my addiction to reading and books when I was growing up.  I was expected to go out and do stuff, not stay in and have a good read.  Attitudes change in the oddest ways.

I find I enjoy an evening with my daughter, husband and I all sitting quietly and reading our books.  It is family time and while we are not interacting like they show on commercials and tv we are together and there is a pleasant peaceful feel to the room we are in.  No loud noises, no video games and violence and no arguments.  Just three people enjoying the words on the page or screen.  So people I say if you want your kid to read find them something they want to read.  If it isn’t harry potter or Percy Jackson (middle daughter loved Percy, eldest loved HP) then try the comics.  There is nothing wrong with a good comic.  Especially if they have a continuing story line.  Just spend time together in fiction.


2 comments on “Sharing fiction with your child

  1. Great stuff! Well, that means, like mother — like daughter. It seems children can share their parents’ interests, ha? For me, I really didn’t share any of my parent’s. And they didn’t care profoundly about what I liked, except in my twenties, today, it seems I’m trying to make my mother like what I like, instead. My late father was both herdsman and a businessman, yet I didn’t share any of these. So, like your other (older) daughters, I didn’t and don’t seem to take up even my mother’s love for drama.

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