Using a spreadsheet as a writer

Now this is something that a lot of writers tell you is essential.  To help you keep track of characters and plots, ideas and other things but to be honest I just use them to keep track of how things are doing.  I have put together spreadsheets to let me see how I am doing sales wise.  Keeping track of things like how many copies I sell each month or which story is doing the best.  It can be enlightening and let you know what works and what doesn’t seem to have any interest.

From April 2012 till now my best sellers are still Ice and Endings but quickly catching up are A Moving Experience and Test of Trust.  So I have one run short story, one novella (both fantasy) and two short erotic stories.   Of the 44 titles I have only 8 that haven’t shown any sales.  There are free downloads but those are on another chart that i need to update big time.  Yes I have more titles but I am not including the 9 anthologies I am a part of.  I don’t know how many copies of each of those have sold but they do effect my over all author ranking.

Another chart I have is for reviews.  Now this one I am way behind on.  It is interesting to see which stories have reviews versus those that don’t.  Also what is fun is seeing how well things are reviewed.  Yes I have a few 2 star reviews but I do seem to get nice four and five star reviews.

I will admit I put together a chart of the characters in the Guardians of the Gate City series.  Since it is a strongly interconnected series it was important to remember the names of the various secondary or even guest shot characters.  I try not to trip up on things but all writers can only remember so much right?

Now my Death Walks Through will need something like this chart soon.  The first seven stories have mostly only had Death as the interconnected character but since I have introduced some help for him they will be having tales of their own and it would be good to have the right character in the right place.

60260_402296106504297_1146866727_n  This image certainly has given me a great idea.  She is a lovely person and can you see her helping Death ease along the spirits stuck in place?  Here is hoping I can get my writing juices flowing soon.  I feel bad for not doing more writing.


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