What to work on now

Yeah I should be writing.  Typing up my notes, coming up with new stuff and just being a writer but….I don’t wanna!  Course that might be because nothing is moving in the sales end of things.  Thanks to the summer slow down a lot of writers are seeing a lack of sales.  It does bring up anxiety to all of us who hope to make a living this way.

On one hand you want to put out great project and do the best you can for the reader.  On the other hand you are waiting for that little payment that can make or break your month and your mood.  Course there is a minefield on what company pays how.  And I mean that.  As you readers know I work with Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, Juicy Erotica and Just Fiction.  Now on the payment front they all do thing different.

Amazon and Kobo  pay directly to your bank account but in different ways.  Amazon does an EBT and Kobo does a Western Union wire transfer.  These all take time to process.  Anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.  So even if you get an email with your payment info you won’t see it in the bank for a while.

Smashwords, Just Fiction  and Draft2Digital pay into paypal but you have to reach a certain amount to see a payment.  Just Fiction pays once a year and hopefully you see a good payment but maybe not.  After all you don’t get a monthly statement like you do with the others.  Smashwords you need ten dollars in your part of the sales to get a payment.  Which can take time since they don’t get reports more than quarterly from some of the retailers.  This makes me a bit annoyed but understanding it I don’t get that annoyed.

I haven’t gotten paid by Draft2Digital yet but I should see something next month as I have had some sales.  My portion isn’t the best but that is what happens as a writer.

Now Juicy Erotica I have no idea what will happen.  I have gotten one report which was a bit confusing showing my sales.  As we know I don’t sell a lot of any one title yet but I was hoping to see even a tiny payment for the copies that did sell.  I have a feeling like Just Fiction it will be sometime after the year is up that I will see payment.

So far as a professional author I have made less than 100 dollars in the year of publishing.  So kiddies as you can see it is not a get rich quick thing.  I have lots more to offer for readers and I can just hope that I find a solid audience who wants to read my stuff.  After all right now I have four new titles that could go up but I am holding them for a bit.  I need to see a bit more movement.  I am 15 sales from making 200 total.  I think I will wait till I either get those fifteen sales or till Labor day weekend.  Hopefully I will see more sales this month.  I have seven so far.

Now I have done a cover for Blackbird over my lazy weekend.  Came out rather nice with using one of my photographs for the image.  Not sure what I will do for the other titles I have in the works.  Here is hoping I can find something good.  I need a gremlin but not a Speilberg gremlin.  Something nasty but closer to the Japanese take on them than the American.

I am hoping one of my friends back home will take a photo of the Black Bridge for me for another title.  Who knows?


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