Finally it broke

I mean the humidity.  We had a line of thunderstorms through here yesterday and now it feels it bit better.  Now i should be able to get some work done.  While the humidity was so high I was lucky to think never mind write.

We all live in different parts of th world but each of us have times where writing just isn’t work so well right?  When I have trouble moving and breathing it is a good sigh that writing will not work so well.  So instead I lay back, watched some old anime on VHS (Yes we still have those) and re read one of my favorite books.  Since I still have some hard cover books I pull them out on days when the power is not good and just lie back and read.  Yesterday I pulled out Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon.  One of the best of her Dark Hunter series.  The companion piece Styxx will be out later this year and I can’t wait to dive into it.  It will be even bigger than the three inch thick Acheron.  I love reading long books.  Yes i write short stories but long books are just good fun for me to relax with.

Now I do have things to type up but I am still achy and a bit numb from the weather so I will probably only blog today and do my writing tomorrow.  I had hoped to get two more tales finished this week but that just isn’t happening.

One cool thing this morning is I finally got notice of payment on my sales over on Kobo.  They have a higher limit on the sales than Amazon so it took longer but I should have a nice little amount put into the family checking account soon.  Nothing huge but it is enough that if I wanted to I could order pizza, wings, soda and a treat!  Okay that isn’t a lot but so far I have not made that much as a working author.  Hopefully by this time next year I will be pulling in enough readers for monthly payments instead of yearly payments.

The smashwords sale is still going on fine readers.  So if you want to access a few of my works for free go over there.  The coupon code is SW100 and it will work on four titles right now.  You have a chance to pick up Revenge (the second Loralil book), Death was the Bargain, One More All Hallows eve, All That There Was and Knight Protector.  A nice mix up of my tales to give people a taste of what I write and hopefully get them to order more of them.

Still struggling over a title to use for the more romantic fantasy tales I have written.  Series tales can be tricky for sure.  I am sure I will figure out something but until then I will paint, write and then make some covers and book trailers.  I have a few stories minus covers right now and a lot minus trailers.  So much work…so little drive at the moment!

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