once again nothing done

With the terrible heat I have been sooooo lazy.  I did try some new treat recipes and I won’t know if they worked till tomorrow.  I finished (sorta) a colored pencil drawing and chilled in the basement.

The nice thing about basements is they are cool and comfy and you can think in the nice darkness.  The bad things about basements is they are cool and comfy and you end up napping instead of working!  Well I got a little done…first draft type stuff like this:


When the men came they said that Momma and I had to go with them.  Said that they would take care of Momma and that she would get better  but they lied.  They took us to the hospital and they said that Momma would be fine, that the doctors had new medicines that would cure her of the consumption.  when they got us outside of town I saw the Pest House.  It looked like a white washed barn.  At school they told us that only the really sick were really here, those that there was no hope for.


I fought them then.  Momma was sick but I was not and I told them that I could help Momma get better, to let us go back home.  She gave me all her food to make sure I stayed healthy and strong but they did not believe me.  I knew if they locked us in I would never see my Daddy again.  I fought, kicking and screaming but I was too little.  The big man just wrapped me in a blanket picked me up and tossed me into the room that they threw Momma in.



That is the beginning of the Pest House, a Death Walks Through short story.  The legend from my home town is that Pest Houses were the precursors to city hospitals.  If you were highly contagious you were taken there and locked in.  These places really existed in the early 1800s.  Whether they locked children in to die or not I don’t know but it inspired me with the idea for this short.


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