Another Monday and the heat is here

Trying to decide what to work on some days can be a battle.  I of course did my early morning chores and kept thinking.  Should i work on this or that today?  While sitting and watching Warehouse 13 (Yes I adore that show) I started jotting down a little ghost story inspired by something I found online.  Seems way back when before I was born (yes children I was born) back even before my grandparents were born there were these places called Post Houses.  There were places where the city would quarantine sick patients.  Those they considered too sick to be in general populous.  People who had small pox or consumption, etc. were taken there to be treated. We all know that medical care in the 1800s was pretty hit or miss.

Now there is no way I can say that what popped into my mind happened but it does make for a fun little ghost story.  So I have half of one written.  Death Would probably not have liked these places where they put the poor to die I am betting but we all know he can’t do anything to the living.  This story will of course be in the Death Walks Through collection.

And I am sure you are asking what about Singer of the Blood Song?  I thought that was your next tale.  Well see I do work on multiple things at the same time.  I am not quiet sure what Monica plans on doing to Ohanko but I am sure she will be unpleasantly surprised when Kiele opens for him.  Having a female villain is almost cliche in this type of story but well why not?  She is a rich, sexy, A type personality that expects to get what she wants.  She is not human and has desires and appetites that really should not be thought about.  Ohanko would be a very very tasty treat for her since he too is not what he looks like.  But just what might he be?  With the title I have you would think a vampire but you would be wrong.  Just what he, Kiele and Rogers are I haven’t done the full research for yet.

That is the crux of what is holding me up.  I need to do some research.  Thankfully my little short fantasy tales are far enough from reality that if I don’t get them quite right I can just say…oh well…after all I am not writing close to real world stuff.  I am writing fun odd tales that touch on reality but come from alternate worlds.



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