A silly happy day

Okay most of the time I write about writing and the weird world around me but today..ah today.  I just received my very own copy of the book Dark Minds.  Why this is cool is because I am one of the contributors!  My story, A Different Kind of Hunt is actually the second story in the book.  That is cool.  I know sometimes when you read a anthology you can get bored and not finish but my placement pretty much insures it will be read!..not that I never finish an anthology.  I am crazy about that type of book.  Collections of short stories make me eager to dive in and try new authors.

This is a good sized book for sure.  The nice little bit that David, the editor did was to have us make images to go with our tales.  So the image in the book was something I made up.  I have posted it out on the web of course for people to see.  While this story I wrote is a bit dark it is still fantasy.  Most of the other stories are horror but David liked it so it is all good.

One of my hope for dreams is to be able to have a copy of each anthology I have contributed to along with my own collections and novels on my shelves.  Just having books with my name on it on a shelf will be a boost to my writers soul.  Artists have their paintings or sculptures, singers and musicians have their CDs and writers have their books.  I have a lot of stuff out but right now they are mostly just ebooks.

Now while ebooks are taking over the world I admit I love the feel of a real book in my fingers.  You can hold it, smell it and cuddle it if you want.  Yes it is weird but we never said I wasn’t weird right?

Now hopefully this tale will bring in some more readers to my other works.  I am holding my breath (figuratively) for my 200th sale.  At the moment I am at 186 but it might happen soon.


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