Nearly done!

Yup this morning I am buzzing along on Blackbird.  I have had to ask for some help this time though.  Since I decided that breaking the spell should be done by another spell I thought hey why not use something other than English.  Yes I know I don’t speak anything other than American but the nice thing about being in so many writer’s groups is you can put out a call for help.  Social media is for more than just connecting with friends and looking at pictures of cute babies and cats right?

The upside is two writer friends volunteered to help.  The downside…we need to pick the right version of a word for spells in Latin.  I don’t want to get zinged by readers for using the wrong word right?  But other than that one word I seem to be doing great.  With luck I will finish up Blackbird this afternoon and I can put it aside for editing later.

I love the feeling of accomplishment you get when a story is finished.  Okay novel writers might not understand that writing a short story can give you the same rush that finishing a novel can.  In fact because you are writing something shorter and more compact you need to be.  This tale is a fun thing for sure.  I so enjoy being a writer and I adore writing short stories.  While there are so many authors so write novels and damn good ones at that, I like to think that my niche is short stories.   Thankfully there is a place for them.  While they may not bring in the huge bucks that a long book will I am slowly working toward my 200th sale.  As of this morning I have 186 sales.  Not a lot you say?  Well think of it this way..that is 186 sets of eyes reading my original words.  If someone likes one story there is a better than even chance that they will go on to read more.

While I have a ton of ideas it is the marketing of them that I have trouble with.  To be honest the marketing that I have done has mostly been on social media.  I don’t have enough money obviously to do more so here is hoping every tale i release brings in more fans

I can’t wait to dive into my next story!

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