Hot…oh so hot…time to drink water and write

Okay I did my usual go outside, water the plants and take photos…early today.  I mean damn it is hot out.  And Yes I am complaining.  I was not expecting to be covered in sweat by just stepping outside to water the tomato plants…I mean this is Canada right?  Well since it is so bad I have the perfect excuse to sit, write and hopefully finish blackbird.

It is coming along and I worked out what will be happening next in the classic writers way.  I lay down, closed my eyes and thought.  Yes I know it sounds like I took a nap but really writers do this all the time.  Part of writing is working out your ideas.  I know some schools of thought think you should just sent pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and have mental diarrhea all  over the page but I don’t.  Part of why I generally don’t have to cut cut and cut what I have written is that I work out things in my head before I write them down.

Since I can’t seem to outline like those famous writers who get paid tons of money for formula books I do things in a natural flow.  Being an Aquarius means I have to be a bit of a mental rebel, a weirdo and an oddball.  Anyone who has read my work knows that I generally do short and to the point stuff with description thrown in.  Fun bits that take you where you weren’t quite expecting.  This is how I do it.

Yes a lot of things inspire me to write a story.  Lately as you know it has been the music in my life.  And yes I have a lot of it in many different styles.  I may not be able to play an instrument and I can’t sing in front of too many people but I adore music.  The words that evoke images in my head is really helpful.

Now a lot of writers are putting their playlists into the books as additional notes.  I think that is interesting but how many of them have actually written a story because of a song I say?  Blackbird was inspired by If I were a Blackbird by Silly Wizard.  A great Scottish group of folk musicians.  Classic cultural music will do this to me.  But then what is cultural music?

Growing up in the 60s,70s and 80s..(okay being born ’64 meant an interesting mix) I never really got too deep into what was hot and cool..yes I listened to it but then I listened to anything I could.   Having parents into country music and a brother into metal and hair bands I had to sneak in my choices, generally in my room.    I hope that I gave and give my daughters the chance to find and appreciate their own type of music.  My youngest will actually steal my IPod so she can listen to my music or watch the videos I have on it.


And whoa I have been babbling here haven’t I?  All this because I am trying to work through ideas for the next part of Blackbird.  Well that and working out where to go with the next fantasy romance short…I think that will by Singer of the Blood Song.  It might be a paranormal vampire…it might now…I only have a few pages but they are sexy *grin*


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