The bane of the modern age

When you write on the computer a thunderstorm tends to give you down time at the wrong times.  I was working on Blackbird, a new Echoes of Elder Times, short story when a series of thunderstorms hit.  Like a smart writer I saved my work and shut down the computer.  Now that was a good idea because of the power blips that happen.  So I did.  Only problem is I was on a roll and then poof!  I hate when something stops me.  I being silly did not pick up a pen and keep scribbling down my inspiration…oh well right?

I want to get this tale done by the end of the week. I might do it, I might not but I can try right?

The distractions are out there, the cute little black squirrels who run the fence behind me.  The daughter needing attention and cool treats for her strep throat and of course stuff to watch on tv.  So of course I will have to buckle down and write more.

So writing a little tale of magic, transformation and and love.  I am wondering if I should put it in the Echoes stories or in the new Fantasy Romances that I have.  I think it would be nice as the second tale to follow in the footsteps of the Knight Protector.  While I can do romance in some of my stories writing actual romances isn’t as easy as you would think.  While I know romance, being married to a very romantic man helps, writing them is different.

See most of the romantic stuff I wrote fell into the erotica category.  I have enough of those written for three or four collections but writing something romantic without the erotica content?  Not something I have done a lot of yet.  I plan on trying to do this series and I will.  I need a series name of course.

Like always coming up with a series title is a bit hard.  Having Knight could have me calling them Knights of love…but that sounds rather more like an erotic tale than a series.  Then I could go with something like Fantastic Love…but no.  I will have to sit and ponder this for a while.  Hopefully I will come up with a good title for the series before I have too many stories finished.

Now I just need to make some covers.  A Gremlin that I can use for a short and a dragon/man cross for another…dang so much


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