Oh boy it is warm

Okay that is expected in July right?  Course if I could have stuck to the shade on the walk back from the clinic it would not have been so bad.  I will say I am in better shape than I used to be.  That was quite a long walk.  The bus would have been a nice way to come home but it never showed up.

So I haven’t done as much writing as I hoped.  Finished up the short story I titled Beneath the Black Bridge.  I keep wondering why my ghost stories end up so short.  Most of them are under five pages and at this rate I will need to write at least twenty five of them to make a decent collection!  Thankfully there is so much inspiration for them out there.  Just type in ghost stories on google and you can find a lot of things to base your stories on.

I know that the two Halloween anthologies I was part of last year are doing rather well at the moment.  Now that could be because they are free or not.  We will see.  So far Guardians is sitting there but who knows it could sell soon.


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