Lazy hazy summer morning

Yup being lazy today.  I seem to have pulled a muscle or three in my lower back.  Doesn’t bother me when I am either lying down or standing but sitting that is fun.  Doesn’t stop me for long of course.  I have stories to work on and things to do every day.

Today I set myself down and started working on those Death Walks Through stories that I have been babbling about all over.  I have seven of them all ready written and available for sale but I want to do a collection like I did with Guardians.  Now there are four partial tales in the works.  One I really just started yesterday but it being the 4th I was really not motivated to get a lot done.  I mostly read and then did what all good authors do when working, took a nap…no..I didn’t nap really.  What I did was lie down and close my eyes and work out how to write this new story.  See when I was researching ghost stories I decided to hit up those from Nashua and Barrie as I have blogged about before.  There is one tale that struck me about the Black Bridge back home.

The Black Bridge was a railroad bridge that crossed over the Merrimack River.  Now back in the 50s (not exactly sure when) there was a terrible derailment that went into the water and people died.  There are local legends of children’s voices coming on the banks of  the River near where this happened.

Now that alone would make a great ghost story but see there is a bit of a local connection beyond that.  See back in the 50s my Grandfather was a police officer in town (I believe, it is hard to get history out of my family) I know that he passed in the 50s from tale my grandmother did tell.

Which would mean he was on the force when that derailment happened.  If he was a good cop and I am sure he was, he like the rest were probably called in to help find survivors.  I have taken this story to an almost logical place.  The people did live in Nashua but things didn’t happen like the tale tells.



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