Working on so many things but it is the 4th! Time for a break

Well that is nothing new right?  I have started the process to get the anthology, Reflections of the End into paperback.  While it isn’t that hard using Createspace what is tricky is pricing.  The program tells the minimum price you can put in for the size of your book but that is in the US..if you want to sell it else where you need to raise the price.  This is a good way of seeing why paperbacks cost so much.  I still love the feel of a good paper back in my hands but dang it all that is more than I can afford.

Now usually a service like Createspace will take a day or so to go through the review process before the book will show up on their website and amazon.

Thankfully that is all i have driving me nuts right now.  I am taking a few days off from writing to process these books and of course do the usual blogging and flogging.  So much fun but things that need to be done.

Now I do have a lot of ideas running through my head.  Thanks to research  I have been doing there will definitely be a bunch of new Death stories.  Being as today is a holiday back home I can take time off right?


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