Summer is here..time to do MORE STUFF

Yeah I know but that is what I do.  I have Harry’s book out and here is hoping people will want to read it.  I am putting aside the Guardians universe for a little bit to focus on more Death Walks Through.  If I am a good doobie and manage to do a bunch more shorts I will be able to have a nice collection of them out by Halloween.  I do love that I can research things online.  After the let down of the local branch of the Barrie Library I was gearing up to hit the main branch.  That takes bus fare that i don’t currently have so online is good and I seem to have hit a nice payload of story ideas.  Between Barrie and Nashua  I should be able to come up with some interesting tales.

I have plans to start up a blog about cooking.  Yes cooking is what I said.  One of the things I get asked a lot is for my recipes or I get told that it must be hard to do this or that.  Really cooking from scratch is not that hard, so I thought to myself blog about it!  I figure if I put up simple hints and tricks I might actually work out enough to do that cookbook I have been threatening people with.

The next thing is I found a mic and the program on my netbook to allow me to make vocal recordings.  Now I am not going to do something silly like record myself singing.  I might have an okay voice but I am not a performer.  No what I will be doing is putting together audio files for my poetry and some of the shorter of my short stories.  Mixing them with my photography, possible drawings and paintings and other things to make my presence even wider on the net.  I have a few people interested in hearing me read my work…so who knows right?

Now with it being summer I have to do any of my work between the kid running in and out and her friends either banging on the front door or yelling into the sliding door.  It can be rather annoying for sure.  I get a lot done while she is out of the house but I have to do what I can right?

So I will be dropping little blogs as I can.  All over the place.  If any of you readers know ghost stories, drop me a line.  I would love to add them to my research.  Death has a lot of tales to work out and I am the person to tell them.


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