It is out and ready for purchase!

What you ask?  Well that is Dark Minds.  This is one of the anthologies I was requested to submit a story to.  Yes I didn’t submit and pray I was actually asked!  And if that was not cool enough then I was asked to do an internal image for my story.  I love that.  Now the lovely blurb on this book refers to fantasy..and guess what..that one is me.  Most of the anthology is wonderful dark horror style stories but well we all know I don’t really write horror that well yet so i was so happy that the editor, David Monk, wanted me story.

Now if you want a copy of this story you need to go here

41qAt9KFyQL  Come and try it out folks.  There are so really good stories in this collection!


On other fronts I seem to be almost done the poetry collection Generations of Love and oh my has it effected me.  While my other collections are of course personal they are not so much about me and my family.  I have dredged up things I have been afraid to think about.   A lot of tears went into this book and it needs a few more tweeks before I release it for reading . The images are actual photos of my family in there.



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