OH joy now I remember

Okay I now remember what the problem with doing a poetry book is.  Getting your formatting to carry over into the publication software the way you want!.  I have the documents on the two finished books all nicely set up, the cover done, the images sized correctly but when I went to publish them…oh my god all the formatting went POOF!…now the last time I fought my way through Amazon and through Smashwords, so this time I thought I would use draft2digital.  I have had very little trouble with the books I put up there all ready.  Just little niggling things that were easily fixed.  I have had a very nice experience there and I do plan on continuing to use them…but DAMN.  Poetry by its very style needs to be done a certain way.  Other than the first poem, all of the titles got mushed into their poem and all the spacing…gone!  My poems are usually three groups of four lines..just how i write…having them show up at a long list with no spacing between stanzas..not right.  And on the second book all the page breaks disappeared.  I went from 32 pages to four!…yeah no.  Hopefully the tech guys can tell me what happened.  They arent on till Monday but like all authors I am crazy about wanting it fixed NOW….okay I am not that bad but damn I had hoped to have them released this weekend.

As for Guardians…cover is being worked on today.  Once it is done I will set up that file and we should have a nice collection…I hope.  I really hope people decide to buy this one.  Sudden Disappearances is the longest of the Harry stories and has all kinds of surprises!

Today if I am a good doobie I should get some writing finished.  I have a lot of partial poems for the Generations of Love collection to complete, I have the wip short stories to do and then I really should find out if the two shorts i wrote for the magazine will see the light of day before the end of summer.


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