I need to make covers!

As of right now I have two completed poetry and photography collections and one short story collection.  All three of them need covers before I can put them up for sale.  I hadn’t planned on working on them today as it is my third wedding anniversary but why not?  When I sat down to my computer I thought just check the mail but then of course I started working.  Silly me!

Not that I should complain.  I finished up the photos for the two collections.  I hope they fit better than some of the ones from Love, Loss and Loneliness did.  I added some little bits into Seasons of my Mind.  Sort paragraphs and pages that switch from season to season.  I think it looks nice and clean.  Having the two new poems that I wrote yesterday actually filled it in nicely.  Now neither of these poetry books are a ton of pages.  Seasons comes to 33 pages with the added stuff and Random musings of a Poetic Mind comes to 32.  As I said they are both short but I don’t plan on charging as much as I did for LLL.  Probably got with $1.99 for Seasons and $2.99 for Random.  Why the price difference for basically the same number of pages?  You actually get more poetry and images in Random.

Now the third poetry collection, Generations of Love is still being written.  At the moment I only have 12 poems for this intensely personal collection.  I have the beginnings of some essays that will be typed up and put in.  If and this is a big if, if I can get myself to type them.  The feelings behind the Generations poems are intensely personal and are about how I felt being a daughter, grand daughter and mother.  Someday I will be a grandmother and I just might ruminate on that too.  Heck I could include the feelings I have from being a little sister.  I am just not sure.    While these books may never sell a copy I still feel like getting them out there to the world is a good idea.

Now I need to get myself in gear tomorrow and actually finish up Blackbird.  I am still tossing back and forth between submitting to an anthology or just putting it out myself.  It follows nicely in the feel of my free story A Bargain Made with Fur.  Though to be honest I just might take it down and sell it.  I have no idea.  Not that I need too many more ideas at this time right?


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