Finished the edit

Not sure how well I did but damn I caught stuff my spell checker should have.  Yes I do use spell check and grammar check but for some reason the darn things have been only checking half my files.  What i mean is that I will be editing along happily fixing the booboos and wham I get an error message saying that the .dll file for spell check and grammar check is missing…how can it be missing halfway through using it?  I am thinking maybe my computer needs a nice check up from the hubby.  He can probably figure it out.  If he wasn’t working so hard and so much at his job.  Poor guy.  Having to work Father’s day is not fair but well it happens.

Now as far as I can tell Harry’s tales are ready for the world to read in one place.  Once I get a spiffy new cover done (thank you for this hubby mine) then i will post it up for sale.  Still trying to work out the price point for this.  I have sold the first five stories in the collection for 99 cents each (okay I put them up they didn’t sell lots) but I can’t see putting the collections at six or seven dollars.  Maybe I will go with $4.99.  See if people want it that way.  It will be a real bargain because they will be getting the five stories all ready released plus the novella that I finished up.  A lot of pages of some of y favorite character’s stories.  After doing that final edit last night and luckily caught the paragraph where I switched from first person to third.  That would have been embarrassing to have pointed out to me.

Now the Guardian tales don’t have any romance in them so I know I won’t be getting an audience from that part of the reader world but they are fun.  Yes they get darker, everything does right?  But Harry’s view of the world is still what you would expect after reading the first one.  A little world weary but a lot honorable.  He is just a good guy with a tough job.

I got the poetry book started.  I know I should be sitting down and working out what images to add to what poem but well I am not in the headset to do that.  Between finishing up Harry, getting stories together for another anthology and trying to remember to advertise all my work I seem to be tired.  Tired enough that I have taken off time to just read some good stuff.

I have a lot of other people’s work to read and since I have been having trouble with the whole head hurting thing I have read between headaches.  But tomorrow is a new week so I can just get my butt in gear and hopefully finish Blackbird for the anthology and get the images I want set up for the poetry book.  Ah goals..we all need them right?


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