Editing and formatting…or oy my head

While the writing part of my job is fun and confusing it is the editing and formatting that truly drives me nuts.  Once you have your immortal words down on the computer screen/notebook you have to go through and fix all your booboos.  In my case typos need to be fixed.  I think faster than I type, yes that is possible.

Like all authors  I could go through and edit my work into nothing but I try to stop at a point.  Yes it would be great to be able to afford a prereader and a proof reader and an editor but I still haven’t reached that point in the wild world of writing.  When the average price I have found so far is $300 or more, well it puts it way out of my price range.  Someday when I actually make money at this all my early works will get the professional treatment but for now I just have to do what I can right?

Now last night I took all the Harry stories and put them into one file.  This morning I ran the spell and edit checker on them and made sure the formatting was okay.  I plan on putting little commentary bits before each tale for those who have not read these tales.  As a book it comes to about 95K, which makes it my second largest book.  Hopefully having a full collection will boost sales.    The final tale in that collection is an exclusive story that will not be put up for sale separately.

Once I get that part done I will have to come up with a really good cover that will work for both the ebook and paperback version.  Yes this well be in paperback for those of you who want it.

The other thing I have been doing is sorting through my over 300 poems and making a new collection.  This one will not be quite as big as Love, Loss and Loneliness.  I went with less poetry so that I can price it lower.  I plan on sorting through my images and putting in things that will hopefully be a good match for these poems.  Unlike the last book these are less emotional and more pondering or musing.  I write a lot of different things as my readers know.  I have not decided yet if I will change the images to black and white though.  If i do it will be because in a paperback it is cheaper than a full color book.

I have tried in the past few days to write some new poems for another collection.  While the one I have compiled contains mostly musings on the world, the other two I have in progress are about the seasons and about family.  Generations of Love so far has twelve poems about daughters, mothers and grandmothers.  Yes all female but that is my family.  While I have nephews I have no sons.  Writing about my kids is very personal and I hope inspirational to those who will read them some day.

Yes I am still working on short stories at the moment.  Blackbird is about two thirds done and hopefully I will finish it by the end of the month so it can go into the Writer’s stuff anthology with I Can’t Love you anymore.  Two different stories with romance at their roots.  I Can’t love you is another Death Walks Through short but done in a totally different way.  I will release it as a separate tale a few months after the anthology comes out.  Or I might just hold onto it for the Deaths anthology.  Never know.

It looks like In the Dark will be longer than I first thought.  This tale has barely begun but it has interesting images coming together and it went from just and Urban Fantasy to an after the world Changed tale.  That will probably take it into a new series or at least a different one.

So much to work on and only so much time right?


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