It has happened again….

What you ask has happened again?  Well a song has demanded that I use it for a story.  The past month and some it seems that the music on my IPod is the channel for the muse who uses me to tell tales.  First it was Cheating the Hangman, then Let’s Make a Memory, then I Can’t Love you Anymore and now it is the Blackbird.  Damn me but that is a lot of tales inspired by music.

This little tale is sort of a fantasy romance.  What happens when the girl you married turns away from you to go to a sorcerer?  Not necessarily what the song is about but the chorus is there.  “If I were a blackbird, I would whistle and sing and flutter my wings o’er her lily white breast.”  Yeah I listen a lot to Silly Wizard.

I have done stories from songs before.  A Bargain Made with Fur, When Shadows Rise and Night and Day all came from music.  A good writer is inspired by the world around them.  Music, tv, movies, trees, flowers, animals, butterflies and people.  They all find a way to spark something inside those who use words to tell the world of what they see.

Sometimes the tales take longer than others for sure.  But some write themselves in hours or days.  I Can’t Love you wrote itself in under two days.  An odd first person tale for me because it keeps switching POV.  I try not to do that in first person stories but this one it made sense.  Submitted it for the Writer’s Stuff anthology.  Now if I can finish Blackbird  I just might submit it too.  It is different enough I think.  Me and my odd little tales.



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