Anthologies Galore

It seems like this season is filled with anthologies.  A number of my writers groups have decided to put together collections of stories and poetry.  Some for charity, some as a contest and some just as an experiment and a way to get out names out there.  Now I have done a lot of these over the past year.  What with the Angels Cried anthology to the April Rains, United We Stand and the newest Twist of Fate I am in four charity anthologies.  Then there are the non charity ones.  Reflections of the End should be out soon as will Dark Minds.  There in the Secrets anthology being worked on and now one from the Writer’s Stuff FB group.  It is a good thing I do a lot of short stuff.  I actually have three different ones coming out that I don’t have names for!

You might ask am I doing anything new that is just mine and of course I am.  I still need to actually edit Sudden Disappearances and hopefully find a beta reader before the Guardian of the Gate City can be compiled and put out.  Never mind there is that Rabbit Hole story I started on the Google group.  So much to do and so little time to focus.

Now if I can avoid migraines I will ge t a lot more writing done.  While sales are as slow as a snail I am still making a sale here or there.  This month it seems to be my older stuff and that is a nice thing of course.  The fact that I sold a copy of my poetry book on Apple was a nice shock yesterday.  I had not thought I would see any sales from over there at all.  Now if Kobo would pick back up and D2D.  Not that I am complaining that I have sales on Amazon this month.  Last month I had a whole one on Amazon and i have mostly sales there this month.  It is fun to figure out where is doing the best.

Now I need to see what I can finish in the next three weeks.  School will be out for the summer soon and as all you parents know that makes it hard to get anything done.  Kids in and out and demanding attention at the worse times.  I am not sure i will get a lot of writing done this summer.  All I can hope is she finds things more interesting than bugging mom for snacks every 20 minutes!


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