Walking and pondering

As you readers know for the past year plus I have been vehicleless.  Now at times yes it bugs me to all get out but most days I actually do enjoy my walks.  Walking should be done at your own pace, even if that pace is slower than those you are with!

This morning as I walked back from picking up rice and yeast I strolled about, did my photo taking and thought.  Of course the first thought was why didn’t I bring spare batteries but i will go into that over on the Window of My mind blog.  What else I thought it all the things we miss when we buzz around in vehicles.

Besides the lovely bits of nature that I find tucked in odd places there are all the people.  Now since I am out and about in a residential neighborhood I see a lot of older folks who are walking their dogs, sitting on their porches or in their yards and in many ways it is incredibly sweet.  When you are moving along fast in a car or even on a bicycle you miss seeing a sweet elderly couple sitting on a wooden swing in their yard just enjoying the morning.

While I used to be the woman who had to do everything, not because I wanted to, I never got to just stroll much.  When you are supporting your family and have to get THINGS DONE, well you can’t enjoy.  Now I can.  Yes I still do many things for my family but at a slower pace.

What does this have to do with writing you ask?  Well see writing comes from what we see and do, what we have inside but also what is outside.  I have many little tales that came from just seeing a bird sitting on a chair outside or a butterfly flying around my window.  Inspiration strikes us all differently.  Today as i walked and tried to take more photos I thought that I should have taken my sketch book and pencils with me.  No I would probably not have used them right there but if i had a folding camp chair I might have settled in the field by the house and sketched out the wild flowers that are blooming like mad right now.  Many different colors of weeds, simple things that most people just dont pay attention to.

Even the humble and at times annoying dandelions have taken an interesting look right now.  Who knows, maybe when it gets a bit warmer I will do just that.  Go out and sketch, clear my mind and then go back to working on my ghost stories.  I like getting to pick and chose just what I will be doing instead of having a boss tell me.  I have my husband to thank for the peace that I have found.  Think I will make him some fresh bread for a treat.


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