Another Sunday morning

Another week is done and it amazes me how much you can get done.  A lot of writing, baking, photographs and even some drawing.  With the weather getting hotter and oh so much more humid outside it does make you want to just lie in front of a fan and do nothing but the more I do the better the day is right?

I think Harry is glad I have finished him up for the moment.  I am not being hammered by him telling me another tale.  Now comes the wonderful job of cleaning up my mistakes.  Yes i know a professional editor would be better but I still can’t afford one.  Paying $100 or more for a story that might sell only a handful of copies is a losing proposition right?  I just have to run it through as many editing programs as I can and read, read and reread what I have done.  Considering the errors I find in reading the professional stuff I don’t feel too bad about my misplaced sommas.  Some day when I pass the milestone of at least one of my tales selling over one hundred copies by itself then I will try to find someone who can do the editing for me.

I am taking a break from Harry, long enough to let it perk a bit before editing.  I really should buckle down on the Death stories now.  I have at least three in the works and if I can get them finished up there should be enough for another collection.  Now Death will have more stories in total than Harry will simply because the ghost stories tend to be shorter.  I have seven up all ready and the people who have read them liked them at least.  I should probably go to the library in town and see what they have on local ghost stories.  Could find something good to twist and create with.  I haven’t learned a lot about Barrie in the nearly three years I have been here and I should.  I am going to be spending the rest of my days in this place so why not?



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