Happy Memorial Day

Today is to me a day to remember not just the armed forces men and women who have passed but all those who serve.  While Veterans day is meant for those who have served their country to distinction I think this day is more for those who have died.  Not just the soldiers, sailors, airmen and women or those in the National Guard and Coast Guard services.  We need to remember the rest who serve and have died in service.  The police officers, fire fighters, first responders, nurses and teachers who have died.  In the past year we have lost many who are not service men and women in what is traditionally thought that way.  We have lost teachers to madmen and distastes, lost fire fighters to fires and madmen and police officers who are just doing their duty.  They too need to be honored.  Let us honor them all and remember that they too leave behind family and friends who feel that hole in their lives.  There are so very many people go give selflessly so that the rest can live their lives.  From social workers gunned down by disgruntled adults to ambulance drivers shot because they dared go in where others would fear to tread.  I salute you all!


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