What was I thinking?

Okay you folks know I am willing to help with things.  I have donated time that I should be writing to do two websites now for writing groups.  Lucky for me I am not too bad at this but it does take time.  In today’s world you need to have as many ways of getting the word out about your books as you can get.  The only problem is on working on these two I forget to update my own website or even this blog.

As things get finished i will have more time but it seems like I am doing more web stuff than writing.  I really need to finish up Sudden Disappearances…well at least the writing part.  This story will need a pre-reader and I hope I can find a good one.  I am still on the fence about whether or not I should release it as a single or just put it in the collection.  While this would help the sales of the collection is it fair to make the people who have bought the other tales have to pay for the book to get the most recent?  This is something commonly done i know.  Most likely I will do the collection and then months later put that story out alone.  But we will seen.

I will admit I have taken time off to do things like read and watch some movies.  I am trying to catch up on all the really good movies that come out but as we have to wait to see them I get lost at times.  We watched Ironman3 last night and I loved it of course..but tis morning I realized that I really need to buckle down and do more.  More writing, more editing, more covers, more trailer and more plugging my work.

I have been tossing around the idea in my mind of offering my photos and cover work to others.  At the simple price of $5 to $10 each.  Nothing as fancy as what the hubby does.  Does simply one of my photographs manipulated and the text put in place.  This could be a way to earn a bit more money.  We need it.  So any of you authors who have liked my covers and want one, let me know.  I will be willing to help you out.  Same if you need a book trailer.  I can do something good for you for a cheap fee.


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