Yet again the sadness

Oh my god how many babies can we lose?  An elementary school being smashed flat and at least twenty babies killed.  So so many families have been destroyed.   It gets so hard to put on the news each morning.

You readers know that I have been a part of three different charity anthologies to try and help the families who have been hurt through guns, bombs and explosions.  And now we have Mother Nature ripping apart families.  It is horrible and would have been horrible if that was all that happened this year but with the man made disasters, the hurricane and now this?  I am like many feeling battered and bloodied and I have no contact in these disasters.

I wish there was more I could do than lend my words to this sadness, this madness but it is all I can do.  I will search for writers who plan on helping and i will offer my words.  I am so hoping that the rest of this year will just be normal days, normal storms.  Please you Powers That Be leave the babies alone.  They need to grow up and be the leaders of tomorrow.

So today until I find a place to give my words I will post the poems I have written this morning

Six months of sadness

Six months of news
of children being hurt
six months of madness
and what can we do?

Turn on the news
and what do you see
Guns, bombs and storms
tearing apart families

It is hard to see the good
to see the hapiness to be found
when so many little faces
can no longer smile


Yet again

Storms coming through
bringing danger in their wake
One moment you are safe
the next you are not

We stand by helpless
unable to understand
how nature has turned against us
and smashed towns flat

So many in danger
so many lost
what can we do
than offer up our thoughts

Prayers and well wishes
money and clothing
anything we can do
will barely be enough


We can hope that the sun will shine for those who lost more than any mother could stand.


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