Arrrggghhhh what do you mean you can’t save!

Yeah that is what I yelled when my computer decided to be a pain.  I lost all the writing I did this morning so far but once I rebooted it let me go back to work and lucky for me I remembered what I was doing.  Sometimes i think the gods of silicone dont want me to finish things.

Getting a move on in Sudden Disappearances.  Since I will be having a horde of evil monsters (no really just a sleep over for my daughter) I will have to get what work i can done before school gets out.  I do really want to finish this story and get the collection out.  Did some quick research and I think I will give the Ruskalka the name Svetlana.  A good Russian number I think and it will help to create her.  A tragic figure in this tale will be a good thing.

So much to find out about this story.  If it gets too long I might have to do it as a stand alone book but we will see.

The sun is out and the plants are looking really good out there.  One of the pepper/bean plants is looking peaked though.  Now that might be the soil or it might be the fact that I seem to have an army of squirrels and birds in my back yard.  They are fun to watch but they could be attacking them.  I have no clue.

Later I am going to break down and try my new paints and brushes.  So nice of my hubby to get me them for mothers day.  I think my first painting will be of the tulip buds Kaylan forced on me at school today.  I should be able to make something okay…I wont say I am goign to be a great artist but even if they are childlike I will post what I have done up over on my window of my mind page.  Need something besides all my photos over there right?

My mind has decided that Svetlana is not the cause of all the issues in SD but we will see where it goes.  Could be the Death Mage or some other creature will be the issue.  This is going to be fun.


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