Now this is more like it

The temps are warm enough that I walked the kid to school only needing a sweater.  The sun was out and dappling through the leaves and I took photos (which I will post on window of my mind).  The allergies are only minor bad right now.  Today I should write some poetry.  A poem for the second edition of Angels Cried would be a good thing.  I have been working on it in my head since mother’s day. All those mothers who should have en looking forward to little hand made cards and gifts, sitting there and crying their hearts out.  You know they were.  So horrible that they will forever more be crying for the things they didn’t get to see and do and learn with those sweet babies.

And then this morning on they news there are 8 dead and 72 injured from tornadoes.  I have been lucky enough to only ever see one in my life and how horrible that this happened.  This year has been so hard on families and it is only May.  What will the rest of the year bring?  I am sure there are sad people in other countries claiming it is God’s righteous wrath on the US…heck even those living there who are saying it but no.  I might not be a Christian but I know that it is man who decides this not the gods.  Tornadoes unlike the bombs and gunmen and explosions are just nature and chance but still there are those mourning right now who need to know people care.

Yeah I know I started out with a light comment.  And I stick to it.  This day is bright and spring is here.  We have flowers and birds and little furry critters to remind us that beauty exists just und3r our feet if we just look for it.

Onto my writing.  Harry has snuck in things I did not even expect.  Am I writing this story or am I just letting him use my hands?  All writers think this from time to time.  Yes there are those who have made it a job, a way of making money.  They write by rote and plan and outline everything.  I do think they have more control and some of them are amazing in their stories but the spark of my writing can not follow hard outlines.  I can set myself a deadline and I will write to it but plotting it all out before I write it?  Nope.  I like the free flow but then I do that with so many things.  Patterns are great for sewing and recipes for baking but I will continue to write what fills my mind as it comes.

The sales are slow as all my writer friends know.  It seems everyone is in a funk and that could be just the economy or the warm weather causing people to think more of movies than of the written word.  Who knows.  I have had sales, most of them at B&N for erotica but at least I have a few right.

Today I plan to bug people for release dates for all those anthologies i am supposed to be part of.  After all new titles that no one has read as a good thing.  If they don’t come out soon I will be annoyed.  Some of them have been on hold for a month or more.  I could have released them myself by now!

Time to work on even more.  I really have so many ideas and so little time.


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