Ideas from the world around me

I started the morning a wee bit miffed from the emails from my publishers yesterday.  I thought one contract was over sicne I didnt meet their sales goals and that i would get my rights back to my tales but they emailed me back that they were keeping them.  Even though sales on that collection was more than anemic.  I mean really six total sales?  They should just toss them back and me and wash their hands of that book.  But oh well.  That didn’t annoy me as much as being told I was not doing enough from the other one.  In the old days publishers did the work of advertising your book.  They did not expect the writer to do the writing, editing, proofreading and marketing!

I know very well that the work I sent to the publishers needed editing.  I had expected them to edit them and tell me what to fix to make them more saleable, not publish them untouched.  It was enough to make my blood boil but it did get me working again.  If they won’t give them back and let me fix them then I will just go on to more and different work that I will publish myself.

As always ideas come from all over for me.  Yesterday when I was asked to join the Rabbit Hole well it started a story.  I have 2K in words now and it is doing what is usual for me.  I is spinning out in a totally different story than I thought it was going to be.  Sort of a new world story.  Now that can be interesting and I can only hope some reader will enjoy it when it is done.

With spring being sprung finally I am seeing more flowers blooming.  I did not think to bring my camera this morning and well now that I have to stay inside to wait on the hot water heater inspection (yes a second one no idea why) I so want to just hop outside and take photos.  I have got to remember to charge my batteries at night and take my camera with me when I go out every day.  It is the time of year when I will be getting lots of new photos for use are book covers, book trailers, poem videos and of course poetry collections.  I might not have the best camera but I do take some really good photos and I plan on continuing to do so.

Right now I am jsut sitting here, drinking cold chai and listening to Billy Joel tell me he wants me just the way I am.   I had thoguht I would try to write something sweet and romantic today.  A short story of course but a loving set in the real world type story.  Just as an exercise to see if I could do it.  Looks like the odd part of my brain said nope.  I am the mad writer and I guess i have to write mad tales.  Hope People continue to read them.


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