Yup it is spring time to plant

Well after the fun of going out and playing yesterday.  Okay really just wandering around town I decided since it is warm that I should put those plants of mine into the ground.  Most of them that is.  A fun and busy morning turning over soil that was pretty rock hard, planting the seedlings from my window and then cleaning up.  The kids helped so it was interesting.  Course the most interesting part was digging up the front for flowers and finding a ton of little white round worms (meal worms) The kids decided after they had the ewwwie fest that they would use them for fishing.

Feeling like I have accomplished stuff is a good thing.  Ideas are flitting through my tired mind and that is a good thing.  Working out a title with the eidtor/writer to one of the anthologies I will be part of next month.  It is looking like i will be part of four that will come out in the Month of May.  Or so the editors are hoping for.   The PA anthology is almost all done, cover images and all.  The Boston charity one is rolling along rather quickly, this Horror/fantasy one is nearly ready and then the one for social networking will be done too.  I am waiting on notification on all of them and will of course let my wonderful readers know when they are out.

The weather has put me in a good mood.  What with the really good (if I say so myself) flower photos I took yesterday and the attempts at a decent shot of a lady bug I took today I am finding myself in the mood to work on my Seasons of My Mind poetry book.  This would be the second poetry collection and while the first hasn’t sold much it has had a nice review.

Once I get my mind working I think i will see what comes out.  Might be good might be bad but at least I will be getting things done.

If you want to see the lady bug photos they will be on the window of my mind page


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