Is that Spring I feel?

Yup I actually got warm enough today to walk around in a tshirt…okay a tshirt with a tank top under it and my trusty heavy sweater looped thought the strap of my bag but still!  Wandered around with the kid and some friends.  Took some photos of flowers.  Okay the flowers were in the garden shop of Walmart but hey they are blooms and the photos came out good.  This morning i got to see my favorite squirrel running the fence.  The black squirrel with the white tip of his tail…and heck there is now a baby red squirrel running around outside.  Which is cool.

I’m still fighting my muse for a good Secrets story for the second Selected Anthologies book.  It is not working out as easy as the last one but I will say this, once I get one piece done for the anthology I might do my own.  I have six different secrets stories started and they will gel into something I am sure.  I could always do a new series of tales right?

The poems for the different little collections are coming together.  The ideas are flowing better than I expected but it could be because the sun is finally out.  Once i get a few more days of warmth I will probably start looking around for more things to photograph for those new collections.  What do you readers think?  50 poems and photos per book?  It came out nice on the first one so I think I can do it again.

Sudden Disappearances is slowly moving forward.  I thought it would only be 30 pages…it is all ready well past that.  This one looks like at least 60 pages, maybe more before it is done.  That will make it a good end to the first collection of shorts in the Guardians series.  Of all my series it looks like it will be the first collected together  The other six collections will need at least another four stories to get to the right word count.  Here is hoping with the good weather I can buckle down and write a lot more.



2 comments on “Is that Spring I feel?

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