What a Week!

I had planned so much.  I wa going to finish up a short story for the second anthology of selected authors over on facebook.  I was going to finish up Sudden Disappearances, edit it, make a cover, post it and then work on the omnibus of the six stories in paperback and take a ton of photos.

Well we all know the week did not go the way we expected.  Nature in her infinite wisdom decided that spring will be delayed a bit longer, so nothing really to photograph over than a few buds I found.  I will post those soon.

What really derailed me was the tragedies this week.  The bombing in Boston, so close to my hometown had me in tears and shock for days.  I watched the news, trying to stay up to date on the poor victims and the men who caused that whole mess.  I was scared for my daughter and my nieces who live in the Boston/Nashua area.  Yes i know they were safe but who would not be worried about men who drive around tossing bombs out of their cars.  NH was fully safe but at only 40 miles from Boston I was concerned.  The mom in me.

I got out my feelings with a couple of poems that I am submitting to a charity collection that a few of us have decided needs to be done.  While one four died ( four too many! ) there are over 100 people who lost limbs.  So expensive for them and the US just wont pay for prosthetics.

Then we hear about the explosion in West, Texas.  I didn’t even know there was a town with that name and it was terrifying.  A fertilizer plant, a fire and an explosion.  14 First responders dead and they still haven’t said what started the fire.  Could it be more terrorists?  Who knows?  I sat down and wrote more poetry, hoping to get the tight feeling to let go of my throat.  such a tiny place and such a huge tragedy.  Again I want to do something but what I have no idea.

Yesterday finally saw things calming down and I sat and realized that putting together anthologies is hard work.  There are so many people who need help and only so much one person can do.  I will submit when i find them and I will promote those books and thankfully I will not be in charge of the editing and putting together of the whole things.

But it did get me started on sorting out my poetry.  I came up with three titles for future books all ready.  Yes I said I came up with titles!  You readers know the hardest thing for me to to come up with names and titles but these hit me in between the eyes.  The first one will be Seasons of my Mind.  That will be a collection of seasonal based poems.  Pieces about the seasons and of course the emotions of the seasons.  So far I have 16 sorted but I have to have a minimum of 50 right?  I may have to start writing poems again.

The next is Generations of love.  Poems about being a mother, a wife, a daughter in law and about children.  Again I have 16 of those finished.  Not sure if I will do imagery on these like i did on Love, Loss and Loneliness.  I think i can do some good images that don’t include faces so much.  It will be interesting to work out.

The third one is Poems and Promises. More of my emotional riffs on love and loneliness.  More the love and betrayal that you feel.  Darker but still something I want to get out there.  I might do this one a bit different with the poems on the images instead of below them.  Not sure. Something I will play with as the season develops.

I have other poems that I should group together.  Stuff on natures and music and other odd little bits.  Not sure what i should do with them but I will figure it out.  I could probably makes 7 or 8 collections over the year.  I might not be selling like a madwoman but as long as one or more rad it can I complain?

Sales picked up this week finally so I am happy.  Looks like I cracked my way into Barnes and Noble, even if it was just with some erotic shorts.  It is a start.  Now if I can get my reports from Juicier Erotica and Just Fiction I can see if I have broke into places like Apple or Sony.  Would be nice to know.  I am going to start using places like Goodreads and LinkedIn to post my amazon canada, brazil and other countries to see if I can get a following over there.  You never know.


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  1. 727194 530908Wow, cool post. Id like to write like this too – taking time and real effort to make a great article but I procrastinate too a lot and never seem to get started. Thanks though. 139350

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