And now for something completely different

Yup.  Now normally this blog is all about writing, about how I do it, what I am working on and my hopes for my work.  But right now I am stalled.  Stalled in my sales, stalled in reviews and even stalled in my writing.  It isn’t that I don’t have the words in my head, it is getting the drive up to write them, to finish what I have started.  I will but just not right now.

So instead today I watched some movies.  Yup I did  little reading, did a little farmville and then decided to watch some movies.  And guess what folks?  You get to read what I thought of what I watched today.

First I came in a few minutes into a movie called Looking for a Friend for the End of the World…yes I am late watching most movies..that is life but you know i was pleasantly surprised.  It was sweet and funny and a really interesting take on the end of the world.  While they did comment in the background about what was going to happen it was not really that important.  What was was the relationship between the two main characters and watching them build up to the sweet finale was almost tear jerking.  It was too sweet for tears but it was heart rending because of course the world ended…white out at the end but it was an amazing little movie.

Then I decided I needed something a bit lighter/  Watched Sparkle.  Now I was thinking it would be another Glitter, which wasn’t as terrible as people said but it was much better.  I enjoyed the music of course and the acting was rather well done.  I am sure some will think it blasphemy but Whitney didn’t pull off her role that well.  She was better in things like Waiting to Exhale.  In this she was okay.  The three sisters now they were great.  Of course Jordan Sparks was amazing.  American Idol has given us so many really talented people and I am glad.  I wasn’t her biggest fan when she won but she is winning me over with her music and her acting.

Okay I should probably do my best to try and work on something.  Maybe  pull together some poetry and since tomorrow is supposed to be sunny (I pray) I might go look for early flowers.  I saw some on my walk today that were almost ready to open and I want to catch those to use in my next book.


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