Trying to decide

I’m sitting here this morning trying to decide what to work on.  Now obviously I should be typing up my notes for Sudden Disappearances, the new Guardian short story or maybe working on Traveler and getting our heroes ready to take on the villainess but I am not.  Nope I am looking at the five finished erotic tales I have sitting on my hard drive and wondering if I should make up covers and post them up for sale.

Yes my erotic stuff does sell, about as well as most of my other stuff does.  Thing is these other tales are nasty….well compared to what I have put out so far.  They have bondage, three ways, voyeurism and other odd quirks.  Now they could sell just fine or they could make people decide they can’t buy my work.  I don’t know.  Maybe I should put them out under a pen name?  I am not sure.  I mean I have two erotic collections and three short stories out there right now but they are mostly romantic erotic stuff and these, while they have an element of romance are really smut.  What to do what to do?

So much to figure out.  At times it is hard being your own publisher.  Okay all the time but I have had a lot of fun doing this so far.  Small success but still having fun.  The past week I have not been real creative.  At least last week I could say I did book trailers and writing.  Yes I have done some but not the amount I should.  It is the dreaded end of winter bug that gets me each year.  I really want the snow gone now.  I want to get out and take photographs of new stuff and see green.

Maybe I will figure out covers for the erotic stuff in case I decide to take the plunge on these.  Course I could work on compiling a new poetry book too….darn it all so many things I could work on and all I want is a blanket, a hot cup of cocoa and a good book to read.  The life of a writer.


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