Moving onto new things

Well new monsters that is.  Since I have done a lot of celtic fae in my work I thought it was time to pull in other creatures.  Now my Guardian stories have their own flare but I try to stick to the cultures that live around the city of Nashua.  Growing up in town I knew of the Irsh/Scottish and of course the french people but as I became a teen we had chinese, indian and a few other groups come in.  When I worked at SNHMC I got to meet people from the latino population and african refugees and middle eastern cultures.  So I have decided to pull in a few other creatures.

Now like before these are only vaguely like the actual myths.  After all I might have set Harry’s stories in a real city but they are just that, stories.  Places, names and creatures are in most cases fictional.  Something I need to make sure people realize.  Fiction is so much fun to write and to read but we all know that sometimes people think you are telling real news.  Lets hope no one thinks that on my work.  After all the closest I get to that is my poetry and that is about me.

I have been a bad writer the past week.  While I told everyone I was doing research I was really just sitting back and refreshing my mind.  I read A LOT.  I mean I pulled up my Kinley MacGregor (Sherrilyn Kenyon) books.  Read all of the Brotherhood of the Sword, MacAllisters and the Sea Wolves books.  Just wanted to read good old fashioned romantic style books and relax.  The nice thing about an ereader is you can go through and just read and read and read and not have to track down where you put that paperback.  Not that I don’t still LOVE paperbacks..I do but it was nice to sit and relax.

Now i should go and review them all but well…Harry is telling me to sit my butt down and finish this story.  Not sure where it is going but He knows.  Yes I actually did some research like I told people.  I have to say I love Wikipedia for finding mythological or legendary critters.  Makes it easier to work out some things.  Well that and getting my hometown newspaper online!  If you are going to write a story based in a real city make sure you keep up with the headlines.  You would be surprised the stories you can make up.

After I finish this I better buckle down on Traveler and get that finished.  I mean come on I have taken so long to write that novel.  Okay time to buckle down, write and do more research!


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