What happened to spring? Well back to work

I know that St Patty’s is Sunday and next week spring officially starts but you can’t tell looking out my window.  There is snow coming down yet again.   I had hoped to get my camera back out and be taking some photos of the world around me but nope.  Now i could take snow shots but I have done the whole snow thing enough lately.

Been a good month so far for me though.  I have another author interview up   Rather fun doing those via emails.  not sure how well I would do face to face but give me a list of questions and I will answer them.  Sales are up this month, thank goodness.  It really is a rollercoaster when you are a writer.  There is only so much you can do by yourself for sure.  No I haven’t hit the top of the charts, no I don’t expect to but it is nice to have people buying my work, reading it too!

It is fun to go look at my rankings but confusing.  One minute I have numbers in the high six to low seven digits.  Now if that was sales it would be tremendous, as ranks it is not great.  But make one sale and you jump up to the five digits.  That is the only way I know I have sold copies of Naughty Interludes or Gates in fact.  It is fun to watch and depressing at times.

Okay I should be writing, yes I know this.  I just have not been inspired at all this week.  Now this happens sometimes.  You shouldn’t force yourself to write, no matter what so many so called experts say.  I have noticed that if I force myself to work on something the story does not flow right.  I end up having to rewrite the whole scene.

Now a lot of writers do just that.  They force themselves to write, write, write and then they go back and tear out huge chunks of their book because it just didn’t work.  There is nothing wrong with pondering what you are writing.  Writers write not just on the computer or paper but in their heads too.  You need to work out the scene, the character and the story somehow.  If you are not anal retentive enough to have to use an outline and force your characters to be this way or that you might find yourself writing something amazing.

This is why I have so titles and so many works in progress.  I go where the story takes me when the story takes me.  This of course would drive the big publishers nuts but it has worked fine for me as a self published author.  I always have something to work with and something to put up.  To be honest I have four things out to people for anthologies and have put up some finished work for free on places like storyenet and wattpad.  Plus I have put a lot of my stuff from amazon over on smashwords.

Speaking of smashwords amazingly enough I have gotten sales there for the first time this month.  A handful of them in fact.  I believe their free days is what helped.  Seeing sales anywhere is always a great thing for me.  The fact that between Amazon, Kobo and Smashwords I currently have 21 sales so far this month is amazing.

And yes I am a tad scattered today.  Must be the snow?  All I know is that the seeds in my kitchen are sprouting and bringing a bit of green to my snowy white world.  Hmmm…maybe I should work on another poetry collection?  Who knows.


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