Busy, exhausted and just plain lazy

Okay I admit I have been doing stuff other than writing the past few days.  It is spring break right now for my youngest, so of course we had to do spring cleaning.  The house is much cleaner and a bit more organized.  Yes it needs more work but that is nothing new when you have people actually LIVING in a place.  I actually really like this apartment.  Yes it could have a lot more greenry (where couldn’t right now) but I definitely feel more at home now.

We also decided to attempt our own garden this year.  No we can’t plant outside yet but we have a bunch of seeds in little greenhouses right now.  Fresh veggies to hopefully enjoy during the summer and fall.  And even one with flower seeds.  The squirrels and chipmunks have been running around on the muddy/snowy mess outside so that is a sure sign to me that we have spring heading our way.  Been playing with recipes and dreaming about getting more silicone baking pans.  I love the heart shaped ones I have been using for brownies but well I need something different for muffins right?

I have done some work.  A bit on Sails like Wings, a short story that I may or may not submit to a website.  I haven’t decided yet.  Got From the Snow back for edits.  That is for the end of the world anthology I am a part of and oh boy did I miss commas.  Simple fixes for sure.  Yes I admit I need an editor.  I just can not afford one.  Really an editor, while a great thing, is not something I can justify paying for when I haven’t got a royalty check yet.  We need to put our money toward bills, food and stuff for the kid after all.  My honey works hard enough and I can’t justify that expense yet.

But onto work.  My sales have finally taken an uptick from the past few months of major slumping.  Last month I had a total of three sales, this month so far I have 18!  That is so much better than it has been I am relieved.  With reviews and sales coming in my ego is getting the much needed boost.  Yes we author types have issues with our egos.  Yeah some out there have these huge egos but most of us have a real lack of one.  We write and write and write, mostly alone and we only know long after we finish if it is accepted or liked.  I have lucked out mostly by getting reviews that don’t trash me.  Yes I have received two stars and they usually have a comment I can work with.  Okay I have gotten on two star that didn’t have a comment over on goodreads but I kind of expect that.  I have been very lucky and I admit that.  I know there are some out there who are trashing indies just because they can.  Of course there are those who just trash anything written!  Why?  Probably because they can’t write or think they can’t.

Fun thing lately is people are actually emailing me and asking if I will review them!  Now that is not something I expected.  Yeah I review stuff I have read but I am not exactly a high ranked reviewer.  Maybe they like me serious reviews.  You never know now a days.  I will review whatever I am sent and I will call it like I see it.  If they have issues with pacing or characterization or something other than editing and spelling I will tell them.  I will admit there are a lot of stories i read that seem to take too long to get their feet under them.  You need a hook on that first page or you lose your reader.  Now I try to do that and I think I am succeeding but I won’t know till people review me right?

I’m also planning on doing something I used to do.  That being keeping a database of characters.  Yeah I know a lot of writers do this and why am I not?  Well I don’t work from outlines and preplotted story arcs like a lot of authors do.  I write as the story strikes me.  Now this can be good and bad as we know.  Mostly because those silly characters take charge and make the story go their way!  By having a database I can try and keep track of the characters in my books and series.  So I can go back and reuse them and use them right.  This is especially important in things like Guardians, Loralil and Chaos war.  Not so much so in my Echoes, Worlds Apart and Beyond Realities series.

I did make some new covers, mostly for my free stories.  The nice thing about those is that since I am not charging for the stories I can use images from around the net.  I liked what I made for A Bargain Made With Fur.  It is just simply a beautiful image I found of a kitsune and a title.  I will post the covers later today.

Okay I need ot decide.  Should I work on Sails? Traveler? a cover? or a trailer?  I just don’t know.  I think I might just go play farmville for a bit!

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