Surprise and admitted relief!

Well I finally got my review from Paranormal Review  group and it was a good one.  Now three stars is the middle of the road starwise.  Yes I am happy at that.  I was worried I would get a one star to be honest.  The reviewer seemed to have enjoyed the story, liked my secondary characters and mentioned i needed some editing.  Now I expect to see that since I can not yet afford an editor outside of myself and a hopeful friend.  But you can read it if you like.  Here you go!

Book: Fall Into Nightmares

Series:  Chaos Wars – Book 1

Author: Lisa Williamson

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Genre: Fantasy, Urban/ Post Apocalyptic

Rating: V some violence, Slight Mature content


Story Synopsis provided by the author:

The world as you know it has ended. Not in fire, not in flood but with a scream. Creatures from the darkest nightmares now run the streets and one woman controls them all.

There are three who stand between mankind and utter defeat. The Warrior, The Protector and The Healer. Only if they survive the fall of the modern world and come together will they be able to defeat the Mistress of Nightmares.

“Fall Into Nightmares” is a novella-length story. It follows the three protagonists  who are connected by a prophesy and destined to save the world.  Their nemesis is a witch from another dimension who desires The Warrior as her lover and power source as she tries to take over the Earth. 

The story jumps right into action with martial arts scenes and an immediate kidnapping.  The three main characters Jessica (the Healer), Gregory (the Protector), and Jeffrey (the Warrior) live in a love triangle of sorts. I found this refreshing; it wasn’t your typical love triangle. While the immediate action is great, I needed more background on the characters to be deeply interested in them.  Some background is finally meted out about half-way through the book. 

The book uses stock monsters  and vague ideas of evil; it left me wanting something new and fresh.  With the introduction of Michael, a Wiccan priest, I began to gain more interest.  As the story progressed, the minor characters really took on more life and were unique and interesting.  The story finally picked up speed with non-stop action scenes filling the last third of the book. 

There were grammatical errors throughout which could be easily corrected with a good proof reading, but nothing that was bad enough to make the book unintelligible. 

I think this book would appeal to those who like lots of swordplay and a simple, straightforward adventure story.

  Review by Natalie Nixon
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

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