Writing something for a magazine…or I think it is that is

Yup doing a short story instead of my novel but I needed a little break from the longer work.  I updated my website with the new releases, did a few things over on Goodreads and I have about half of the story written for the magazine.

Now since the request is for any genre and just wants a story that has something to do with social networking I thought hey Sheldon deserves his own story.  Sheldon is the dragon from Christmas Snow.  He was just too good a character to leave in a one shot.  He will return in other Harry stories but for now he is having a little trouble with a client who wont leave him alone.  Having fun coming up with names for the different message boards that a dragon sage would be on.  I am enjoying this one.  The next story, since I was asked for two, will be about why you need to make sure all your devices are properly charging when you go to sleep.  Gremlins and social networking!

Picked up two reviews for Red Ghost Rides yesterday.  I was amazed to get them so fast and whoa.  Two five star reviews.  People seem to love my ghost stories.  Here is hoping when I put up Not to the Grave Go I they will like that one too.  You never know in this business.

I have put four of my titles on Goodreads into the free read an ebook giveaway.  Had three takers so far.  Not too bad, if I get reviews out of this.  Something I hope for.

My goal for this coming year is to have at least one sale and one review of each title I have out.  Might be asking for a lot but while I got my other goal down so well.

Over on my new platform, Wattpad, I have four titles up.  Now this is a free site so I won’t have my for sale works really.  I put up a chapter out of Fall Into Nightmares as a teaser but really what I plan is to put my shorty shorts over there.  I put up In Space No One Can Hear You Scream and Twas the Night so far.  29 and 24 reads respectively on those two titles.  No comments but well I don’t know how to expect comments over there.  It does seem to be mostly younger readers so I may not have something they like yet.

Got contacted by a website requesting I submit a story of about 2000 words to them for their main page.  I don’t currently have something that length but once they get back to me on what they want for a theme I can try and toss something off for them.


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