I did it!

Yup I have made 100 sales as of this morning.  And under my tentative goal of one year.  So I am happy happy happy.

Been asked to submit not one, not two but three short stories to a new magazine over in India.  Cool right?  I just have to come up with three new, never before seen short stories of 1500-2000 words by the middle of next month.  I plan on trying to do that by the end of the week!  They want stuff in my style with social networking.  That should be odd and good right?

I seem to be getting a rep as a reviewer too.  Actually have had two requests…no wait!  Four requests now to read and review other authors work.  And I told them I will try to squeeze it into my now busier schedule.  If things keep moving along I might get those done by the end of the month but not sooner really.

Well two of the three Space station stories are up on Wattpad.  Now i just have to figure out how to tell people over there that they exist and hope that they will read, review and heck look at my other stuff for sale!

So many things to do, so little time right?  Well I will finish up what I can and do the rest when I can.  I like being busy.

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