Just one more please!

Okay I know but really I set myself a goal of 100 sales of all of my titles combined by the end of my first year as a published for sale author.  As far as I can see from my numbers I need just one more sale and I will make my goal!  That is cool.  I was not expecting my newest release to get two sales in the first two hours of being up and ready.  This is wonderful and putting me in a much happier mood.

I do have a lot of work to do today while I can.  I need to make a bunch of covers, book trailers and of course WRITE.  Traveler has moved on quickly over the past week and I am happy at the flow.  If I keep up with it I should have it written for my next personal goal of the end of this month.

A lot happened in my dive into writing yesterday.  A lot of stuff came out of Ronald and we will be finding that he is not the light rakehell that everyone though he was.  He has a long history and things that his sons did not know came out yesterday.  I have a bit more to finish on that chapter before I can move on to the next chapter which will have a lot more to do with the mysterious dwarven metal shaper.  I will be dealing with her back story a bit and how she was blinded.  I hope this novel finds an audience when it is done.  I have a cover all ready which is a good thing.

This morning I posted up my first book trailer on a new site.  Vimeo is supposed to have more people viewing than youtube but I am pretty sure that isn’t true.  I decided to start with Endings since it had such a good response on facebook.  I should get the rest of the trailers and poem videos up there by the end of the week, I hope.

In other news I am now going to post up free short shorts on Wattpad, hopefully I will find an audience there and I have posted up Sins of the Father over on Goodreads.  Another free read for anyone interested.


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