Where did this come from? Back story again for Ronald

Thought I was done the back story part but it looks like my Elf Lord, Ronald needs to tell us about the three daughters he lost to the splitting of the Elves into two different courts.  Well this  should be interesting.  Three lovely daughters, triplets even!  Gotta love it when a part of a novel grabs you by the throat and goes excuse me but you need to write this first.  I had planned on going back to Ansal and deal with her effect in the dwarven caverns for the past three thousand…yes i said thousand.  Curses are such nasty things don’t you think?

Looks like I might submit a story to another anthology.  What another you say?  Yeah why not?  This one I would actually get paid for so that is a good thing.  But like all of them it is just a way of getting some notice of my work.  I just haven’t decided which to do.  After all I have four stories I haven’t put up yet that could work.  Probably do Monsters in the Dark though .  It is another odd tale and could fit over in that anthology pretty well. 


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