Okay backstory added in…onward we go

Yup I added in a couple thousand words to explain a few things, add some history and now I have to stare off in to space and figure out the next step.  I have to get the good guys read to face the bad guys..okay woman.  Filling in back story helps to make your book a bit longer of course but too much padding to me is a waste of space.  So I have to work on it of course but deciding just what to do before the penultimate battle well that is the hard part.

The Messengers that I had introduced I think will have a bit more to say before things go on.  They are like the Wizards from LoTR.  Powerful creatures but mostly they don’t interact with everyday life.  Edana of course is a special case.  Ah having a prophesied one.  People are just now trying ot tell her what she needs to do…and being a typical redhead…well you get the idea.  She will not do what they want the way they want it.

Having fun prereading for another writer, who I happen to love her stuff so it is fun.  Reminds me of the old days back in the 90s back when I did a lot of editing and prereading and cowriting with friends.  I have gotten better…I hope…at writing since then…I know I have since the 80s so we will just have to see right?



2 comments on “Okay backstory added in…onward we go

  1. This might not be helpful, but … the nice thing about writing too much is that you can always cut it out later. Whereas writing too little means you have to come up with more when you realize you don’t have enough. So I say go for the back story, and if it needs to come out later on in the editing process, so be it 🙂

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