Its snowing AGAIN..or just another day in paradise

Well I have been a bad writer.  Okay not really but I was just starting to get on a roll when I got a chance to go out and increase my very sadly depleted wardrobe.  you know you need new jeans when the only pair you have left keeps ripping out where you have sewn them four times.  So it was a good trip and it was time alone with the hubby.

But on to writing.  I know what I am going to do next.  Time for the always interesting ancient being comes along and explains a wee bit of back story.  After all how can this young woman who seems to be a simple rider and courier suddenly have these fire powers right?  Well not so suddenly it seems.  Just repressed for a good reason.  And well that is part of the tale right?

I love coming up with why a character would have the ability to do something but had no conscious knowledge that they could.  I try not to over use this but it works well.  While magic is a tricky thing to do you don’t want to have to go through the whole apprentice training for years thing in a book.  While that can work for things like Harry Potter, if you plan a stand alone novel you really can’t take the time to teach them from childhood.  Traveler should only take place in less than a month’s time over all in book world.  But having a elder type block her memory and power to protect her till the prophecy?  That should work

And another cool thing or two.  I am going to be on a blog as an author interview tomorrow!  You can go here and read it even

I have sent one of my shorts off for a review and I am still waitng on the PRG review.  We can hope I see some interesting review comments.



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