Be vareful of the Mandolin …or days off from writing cause I messed up

Yeah I messed up.  Took part of my thumb off trying to make the kid homemade potato chips.  So from Valentines till today I have not really been able to type so well.  Who knew how much my left thumb is used…okay I am a leftie but still!

I did not waste my time off.  Read a lot.  Seven books to keep me happy.  Which I should review and i will after I do some WRITING!

Yup time to dive back into Traveler and see if i can finish it by the end of next month.  Who knows right?

I am showing on the PRG page as up for review on Fall Into Nightmares.  Endings has been reviewed a few times and I put up Revenge for sale.  Now I think i may put up Love, Loss and Loneliness for a free few days on Smashwords to see if i can get some reviews on it.

But I really need to get to work and I need to stop spacing with the wrong thumb!  OUCH


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